Pride is taken in tracing the origins of the family involvement in the cash register business for three generations.

1923-1946: Frederick Bletzinger Sr formed Cash Register Sales & Service, Inc ("CRSS") in Chicago, Illinois, as a dealer of used mechanical cash registers. His son, Frederick Bletzinger Jr, became interested in the business and joined the Company in 1934. Since both had the same first name of Frederick, Sr was called Fred and Jr was called by his nick name of Jay. He eventually became known as Mr. Jay and Fred Jay to customers and colleagues within the industry.

1946-1954: Frederick Bletzinger Jr purchased CRSS from Sr in 1946. During the next eight years he reconditioned used cash registers and accounting machines which he sold retail in the Chicago area and wholesale to dealers throughout North America. He brought in the new Sweda and Anker Mechanical Cash Registers from overseas and began distribution to dealers in North America. Frederick Bletzinger Jr also participated in establishing the ICRDA.

1954-1959: CRSS merged with Chicago Cash Register Company, Inc ("CCRC") which established the world's largest used cash register dealer.

1959-1962: Frederick Bletzinger Jr sold his interest in CCRC and founded Fred Jay & Company ("FJC"). He specialized in wholesale buying and selling of used mechanical cash registers and accounting machines. He also expanded his services to provide reconditioned machines. And, he also began to manufacture parts and supplies to support his reconditioning program.

1963-1969: Frederick Jay Bletzinger, son of Frederick Bletzinger Jr and also known as Fred Jay Jr joined the Company after graduating from Miami University, Oxford, OH with BS degrees in Economics, Spanish & Portuguese. Since he had worked in the business part time from the age of eight he already had a working knowledge of the business. He quickly established himself as an important manager for the business. During this period the Company grew into the world's largest re-manufacturer of NCR, Sweda, Anker and other and other mechanical cash registers and NCR, IBM and Burroughs accounting machines. The Company also became the world's largest manufacturer of new parts and supplies for the same mechanical cash registers and accounting machines. We sold these products wholesale to dealers, distributors and OEMs in North America and the worldwide.

1969-1973: The Company recognized the advantages of its experience and added a new exclusive line of JAY® Brand mechanical cash registers that were manufactured in Japan for the Company. The product proved extremely successful and establish the Company further in the industry. New models, options and peripherals were continuously introduced into the market over the next seven years.

1973-1986: The Company introduced the world's 1st mass produced electronic cash register, the JAY® Model 560. It's suitable design and reliability gained quick acceptance with dealers and retail stores across North America. The Company continued to introduce hundreds of separate models of ECRs, POS systems, scales systems, options and peripherals into the marketplace during the succeeding years. Millions of JAY® Systems, options and peripherals were marketed to all three vertical retail markets in North America through over six-hundred authorized dealers supported by hundreds of Company dealer and major account representatives, and technical and support personnel in seven regional offices. Products were also designed and produced for foreign markets which were distributed by their respective importers. JAY® systems were developed and produced for the Company by multiple 3rd party engineering and manufacturing firms including Omron, Epson, Seiko, Kyocera, JCM, NCI, AVL, Teraoka, Marubeni, etc. During this period the Company grew the Company from a few million dollars to over one-hundred million dollars in sales at its zenith as measured at the retail level in today's dollar value.

1986-1995: The Company's success helped dramatically changed the entire cash register industry. Over the years the industry matured as large consumer product electronic manufacturing companies entered the marketplace with cheap ECRs distributed through consumer office supply discount stores. In addition, standard PCs became the acceptable platform for POS systems. Hundreds of small, medium and large software writing companies emerged producing a throng of products for all retailing markets.

1995-2002: The Company developed business systems for 3rd party OEMs and distributors in multiple industries. They included ECRs & POS systems. In addition, the Company developed scales systems including weighing & price computing scales & a line of veterinary scales.

2005-2014: The Company continues to manufacture its line of JAY Cash Trays & Locking Lids that are have been made in the US since 1965. A number of OEM system houses currently use the most popular & recent model of our cash tray in their cash drawers. The Company distributes complete lines of cash drawers & printers that were developed in conjunction with an overseas manufacturers.

JAY Cash Drawers & Printers are made OEM for the Company with priority specifications and the JAY Brand Logo, Labeling & Documentation.

Lifetime Warranty extends to cash drawers & printers that are used under normal operating conditions for the purpose intended. This warranty is made possible by the Company’s control of & access to the cash drawer & printer components that are kept on hand & available long term. In addition, the software is developed & supported by the Company.

Later this year the Company plans on introducing a line of POS Systems consisting terminals, peripherals, etc.